Electron drift mobility in anthrone layers


polycrystalline anthrone films
electron drift mobility
carrier transport

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Kania, S. (2011). Electron drift mobility in anthrone layers. Scientific Bulletin. Physics, 32(1105), 13-22. https://doi.org/10.34658/physics.2011.32.13-22


There were investigated the magnitude of the mobility and the type of the mechanism of the electron transport in the anthrone layers with a different grade of the structural order, namely in polycrystalline and quasi-amorphous layers. The anthron samples were obtained by evaporation in vacuum under the pressure of the order of 10-5 Torr on glass plates with different substrate temperatures and with different evaporation rates. Structural examination of the obtained anthrone layers was made using X-ray diffraction. Drift electron mobility for obtained polycrystalline and quasi amorphous layers were determined with TOF method. Obtained results show the almost lack of the mobility dependence due to the magnitude of the disorder, although the other results should be expected. Both obtained mobility values, were less then 10-2 cm2/Vs and activation energy value on the kT level but simultaneously estimated density of hopping states was relatively big. In this case it does not permit us to indicate the dominant transport mechanism.



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